Why you should buy Aukey GM-F2 gaming mouse?

For gaming purpose sometimes you find a thousands of mice to choose from better to best. Therefore choosing a single size and style is a lot more complicated than scouring Amazon’s lists or Reddit to find an answer, particularly if you’re thinking about the budget. Therefore, If you’ve never shopped for a gaming mouse before, then it’s wise you should head to a store, if that’s an option, to try some out before buying.

Before buying your desired gaming mouse, the key factors are paramount to the best possible gaming experience — such as ergonomic design, weight, wired or wireless, the mouse’s sensor, number and positions of buttons, how programmable or open to customization it is, wired or wireless connection and, of course, lighting.

Aukey GM-F2 gaming mouse

The F2 is just a solid basic gaming mouse with six programmable buttons and a scroll wheel wrapped in knobby rubber with stops you can feel. This budget mouse is comfortable for palm and claw grips and if you like lights, it’s got them all around the body. The company’s simple G-Aim software can be used to set up the lighting effects and program the buttons. It even has a braided cable, which is not something you typically find on lower-end gaming mice, especially those that fall under $15. Pair it with Aukey’s $25 RGB XL mouse pad and its sub-$50 G12 mechanical keyboard and you’re ready to play for less than $100.

If you’re looking for an ultralight mouse, though, check out the 75-gram Scarab F3. It looks and feels flimsy compared to something like the Glorious Model O, which is actually a bit lighter than the F3. The scroll wheel in particular looks like it might not hold up over time. Still, it’s only $15 and a good starting place if you want to see if a lighter mouse makes a difference for your gaming.


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