Prime minister tells to take zero tolerance against criminals

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has called on officials not to make any exceptions for criminals, regardless of their political affiliation. Hasina made the call at the closing ceremony of the 116th, 117th and 118th law and administration training courses via video conference from Gonobhaban on Thursday.

“There are some problems that suddenly come to the fore like rape, then violence against women, teenage gangs… You have to take appropriate action against drugs, terrorism, militancy and corruption. You shouldn’t consider anyone’s identity… whoever is a criminal should viewed as a criminal,” the prime minister said.

“No matter which party he belongs to, he remains a criminal. Therefore, we must properly build our society by taking appropriate action against them as criminals and that is what you should do.”

Highlighting the steps taken by the government to improve the living standards of its employees, Hasina continued, “If we want the country to develop then we have to build suitable public servant to keep pace with the rest of the world and ensure that the people are served. That is what you must do as that is your job.”

Quoting an excerpt of the Father of the Nation’s speech at the historic Suhrawardy Udyan on March 26, 1975, the prime minister urged government officials to treat the poor and underprivileged people with respect and dignity.

“He (Bangabandhu) said, ‘The work you do is paid for by the poor farmer, the poor worker… you run your households with that money… Speak to them with respect. They are the owners.'”

“Therefore, don’t despise or look down on anyone. People have to be respected as human beings.”

Hasina also urged officials to learn more about the life of her father Bangabandhu “because in order to know this country and to develop it, it is essential to know his thoughts and ideas.” The Awami League chief also underscored the steps taken by the government to keep the country’s economy afloat and improve the living standards of the people amid the coronavirus epidemic.

Apart from advising everyone to abide by the health rules, Hasina also called on the people to remain vigilant as the outbreak continues.

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