Prices of motorcycles, hybrid cars, moped to fall

PBC News:  Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal has proposed to reduce tariffs on import of microbus to discourage the use of accident-prone vehicles like Nasimon, Laguna and encourage the use of microbus as an  alternative public transport.

To  encourage the use of environment friendly  hybrid  vehicles, he also proposed to  restructure the tariffs on imports of hybrid vehicles.

Besides, he proposed to reduce tariffs on import of dumper/tipper in CKD condition to protect the dumper/tipper assembling  industry.

For   the   development  of motorcycle   manufacturing/assembling industry, he  proposed  to bring necessary adjustments and  also to include some raw materials in the existing SRO.

He said Moped is a fuel-efficient motorcycle. It plays an important role in the economic activities of small traders and the public. In order to ensure affordable price, he proposed to reduce the tariff rate of Moped.

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