Over 500 vehicles at Shimulia ghat for crossing

PBC News:  Increased number of personal cars at Shimulia ghat and strong wind in the River Padma have created a long queue of vehicles there. At least 500 vehicles were stuck waiting to make the crossing at Shimulia on Monday.

On the other hand, hundreds of goods-laden vehicles are waiting at the entrance of Dhaka-Mawa Expressway for crossing, some of those for 24-30 hours.

BIWTC’s Shimulia ghat’s official said “Ferries are making fewer trips because some of them can’t run. That’s why the ghat is congested with vehicles.”
Launches are plying with additional number of passengers defying the government order and coronavirus heath rules.
A total of 15 ferries and 83 launches are active for crossing the passengers and the vehicles.
Smaller launches are taking too many passengers, despite the strong currents on the Padma, said Mawa River Police Outpost Chief Sirajul Kabir.

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