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CAA: A Boomerang for India



Mohammad Zainal Abedin:

India’s recently enacted law CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) is communally and politically biased what may appear as a boomerang for India. This law is a many-pronged sword for India’s three neighboring Muslim countries Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Modi using this sword designs to oust the huge number of Muslims from India whom Modi brands as illegal migrants. Modi-gang, on the other hand, portrays these countries as communal and inimical to the minority communities what is untrue.

Secondly, Modi government bids to arouse the Hindu communal sentiment to buy their votes. Amit Shah, India’s home minister categorically blamed that these three countries are predominantly Muslims and their State Religion is Isla where non-Muslims are persecuted.  Amit Shah argued particularly blaming Bangladesh, claimed that this law, what is antagonistic to India’s constitution was enacted according to his language, anti-minority persecution prevails in Bangladesh.


But the ground reality is totally opposite. All three Bangladeshi minority communities Hindus, Buddhists and the Christians are the most privileged and advantageous class in Bangladesh. If India unveils the real statistics it will be proved that few Buddhists or Christians migrated to India. Even almost all the stories of anti-Hindu persecution in Bangladesh that India propagates are not only exaggerated but also bogus. It is difficult to find a single qualified Hindu in Bangladesh who is unemployed, though huge numbers of educated Muslim youths suffer from unemployment.

Bangladesh government allocates a huge amount of money for Hindu festivals and mandirs. Any minor incident of harassment on the Hindus, not to speak of killing or rape, is handled with a strong hand.  All the propaganda materials including videos of persecution are fake and prepared and manipulated. In most cases, Indian agents among the Hindus themselves create and video fake stories of looting, arson, even rape. They were caught red-handed on several occasions while they were videoing fake and planted killings of the Hindus, burning Hindu dwelling houses, even raping the Hindu girls and young women. These fake videos are transmitted to India and the Western governments and other agencies.

The allegation of the migration of the Muslims to India has no basis. The living standard of the Bangladeshis is far higher than that of Indians. India itself is overburdened huge problems of hunger, malnutrition, insanitation, and whatnot. India itself acknowledges that Bangladesh is the fourth largest foreign exchange earning source for India. So, why the Bangladeshi Muslims should migrate to India?

The Muslims whom India bids to push back to Bangladesh are the legal Indian citizens by birth. Modi himself, being an ultra-communal element, bids to draw those Hindus to BJP who are the supporters of Congress and other parties. Opposition parties in India are well-aware of Modi’s trick and vehemently oppose this inhuman black law and demanded its annulment.

Meanwhile, all the three Muslim countries that are the target of Modi raised almost identical views against this draconian law. India’s trusted allies of Bangladesh and Afghanistan vehemently rejected it. Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina accused Modi who assured her that CAA or NRC was India’s internal issues and neither NRC nor CAA would cause Bangladesh. She claimed that the law was unnecessarily framed and passed.

Pakistan also termed CAA as regressive. On December 10 Pakistan foreign Ministry in a statement said, “We condemn the legislation as regressive and discriminatory, which is in violation of all relevant international conventions and norms, and a glaring an attempt by India to interfere in the neighboring countries with malafide intent”.

Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s outspoken comments on India’s communal CAA dismayed the Indian media circle and upset the Modi government.

Observers opine the law that targets three Muslim countries would bring them closer. They say the law and the explanation of the Modi government, particularly its home minister, may prompt the governments of these countries to believe that India treats them as India’s foe.

None will dismay if these governments minimize their distance, differences and misunderstandings and even develop close relation, in future what will appear as a serious headache for India’s overall interest.*

January 20, 2020

Courtesy: The Runner News, NY, USA

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