Malaysia to recruit a large number of labour in January

PBC24 Desk: Malaysia has provided a good news for those who hope to emigrate to Malaysia as a worker. Malaysia is facing a labor crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic. Due to the labor crisis in the country, the production of mills, including the palm oil industry, which is one of the economic sectors of the country, is being disrupted. The online recruitment process for foreign workers was supposed to start from November 1 this month, but it was postponed to January 1.

The news was reported on Wednesday quoting the country’s national online portal ‘The Star’.According to the report, the labor crisis is intensifying due to various reasons such as hiring new workers for a long time, workers stuck in a long lockdown and reviewing foreign labor policies.

Production in some sectors of the country is at risk. If this situation continues without taking the necessary steps, the problem will double at the end of the year. Malaysia’s BIMB Securities Research has warned that 2021 will have a negative impact on the country’s desired GDP.

Malaysia’s Human Resources Minister M Saravanan said in a statement on Tuesday that the process of hiring local and foreign workers through online application on ( on November 1 would start from January 2021.

The decision has been taken in consultation with the employers to publish advertisements and recruitment notices on My Future and to conduct interviews for the recruitment of expatriate workers to fill the vacancies. Work is underway to formulate an acceptable policy in this regard.

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