iPhone tripod : Shoulderpod S2

Now a days, for holding your smartphone while snapping pictures or video, iPhone tripods have found a new purpose. Although, they’ve always been great they’re now a must-have accessory when using your phone as a webcam. Meanwhile, a good iPhone tripod will let you prop your smartphone up at the ideal height and angle for those hours-long videoconference calls with the nearest and dearest ones.

While using your phone as a webcam

Of course, an iPhone tripod is also a key piece of equipment when shooting photos or video, especially in low-light situations. Many iPhone tripods have flexible legs, which let you attach your phone to a branch, pole, or some other object so you can get the perfect shot.

Shoulderpod S2

7. 7. Interesting alternative to tripod offers comfortable grip and style

8. Weight: 4 ounces | Max height: 6.7 inches | Other features: Removable grip



Large handle for easy grip

Works in portrait or landscape orientation as a mount

Tripod sold separately


The Shoulderpod S2 takes a rather different approach than most tripods and mounts. For one thing, it isn’t really a tripod. Moment describes the S2 as a handle grip. With its one leg, you can use it in much the same way that you would use a minitripod, though, holding it in your hand, sitting it on a flat surface or attaching it to a tripod for more-flexible mounting.

The wooden handle makes for a more comfortable and steady grip on the phone, and the included strap means your phone won’t go flying off if you run headfirst into a tree. The counterweight of this grip makes it sit evenly on a flat surface, so you can plonk it down and narrate your latest adventure in either landscape or portrait orientation.

If you unscrew the wooden handle, you’ll find a standard tripod socket that can screw onto most any tripod, including flexible ones like the Joby GorillaPod. This accessory is a bit expensive, but those who prefer hand-held shots to static ones may like the different approach to holding the phone.


ShoulderPod S2 - The professional handle grip for your smartphones.

ShoulderPod S2 - The professional handle grip for your smartphones. ▻ Thanks SHOULDERPOD for making this video possible. ▻ Product's Information: ...

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