iPhone Tripod for 2021: Manfrotto Pixi minitripod with universal phone clamp

Now a days, for holding your smartphone while snapping pictures or video, iPhone tripods have found a new purpose. Although, they’ve always been great they’re now a must-have accessory when using your phone as a webcam. Meanwhile, a good iPhone tripod will let you prop your smartphone up at the ideal height and angle for those hours-long videoconference calls with the nearest and dearest ones.

While using your phone as a webcam

Of course, an iPhone tripod is also a key piece of equipment when shooting photos or video, especially in low-light situations. Many iPhone tripods have flexible legs, which let you attach your phone to a branch, pole, or some other object so you can get the perfect shot.

Manfrotto Pixi minitripod with universal phone clamp

✓Small tripod holds phone with soft grip that won’t scratch

✓Weight: 8 ounces | Max height: 9.72 inches Other features: Soft rubber grip

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✓Sleek black finish

✓Stainless-steel construction

✓Wide base for stability

✓Holds phone only in landscape mode

Manfrotto is known for its expensive professional tripods, but the Pixi brings many of the features from those tripods to your smartphone. The Pixi has the same stainless-steel construction and matte-black finish as its higher-end cousins. A soft rubber grip in the clamp holds your phone in place without scratching it, and the low, wide orientation of the Pixi keeps the phone from tipping over. You can tilt the phone forward and back, but the phone can be held only in landscape mode.

The Pixi minitripod is affordable and folds down into a relatively small package. When the three legs are folded together, they can also be used as a hand grip for those travelogue shots.


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