India asks Muslims to offer last Friday prayers staying at homes

PBC News:  The Islamic Centre of India in Lucknow has issued an appeal asking Muslims to offer namaaz for “Alvida Jumma” (last Friday of Ramzan) in their homes, reports PTI.

Islamic Centre chairman and prominent Sunni cleric of Lucknow Idgah, Maulana Khalid Rasheed Farangi Mahali, said it was important to follow Covid-19 safety protocols for the Alvida Jumma.

In a video message, he said those with four or more people at their home should offer the last Ramzan Friday prayers as a group at home.

“One should wear a mask even while offering namaaz and maintain social distance. The group of five people who offer namaaz at a mosque should be the same group of five who are present for Alvida namaaz at the mosque and there should be no sixth person,” the Maulana said.

He also cautioned Muslims against visiting one another’s homes in the wake of the raging Coronavirus pandemic.

“After offering namaaz, all devotees should pray for the end of the Covid-19 pandemic for the sake of health, peace, livelihood, and national prosperity in their homes and convey their best wishes for Eid on phone,” he said.

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