Did Nero Really Fiddle While Rome Burned

Mohammad Zainal Abedin:  “The incumbent rulers of this country feel proud propagating that they strive to transform   it to a global captain. They go all out in diverse ways to implement their old dream of attaining the best seat on the world podium.  Let them do according to their taste and commercial intellect. But should countless people literally die daily in the capital of such a country?

“There is no testing facilities to check whether a patient is infected by covid-19; no medical opportunity if anyone is sick; no oxygen for those who suffer from respiratory problem; no bed is available in the hospital even for the moribund patients; relatives of the deceased are to wait for hours to cremate them; being failed to get space in the designated crematorium, relatives cremate some of them  in the undesignated place, or even in the parking lot. Those who could not arrange such spaces left the corpses in rows of the crematorium attaching a written paper with a humble request to cremate those dead bodies. Stray dogs were seen tearing and eating the flesh of such dead bodies.”

The above paras are neither a part of any fairy tale nor nightmare, rather a part of an editorial of the ‘Anandabazar Patrica’ (May 3, 202), a Bengali daily of Kolkata city of India. Conscious people around the world stunningly observed such horrific scenes on TV screens.

The daily said, what is happening in the third decades of the 21st century in and adjoining areas of Delhi, the capital of the great country India, are awesome and embarrassing.  Due to the irresponsibility and negligence (of the rulers) of this great state, many cities were tormented and devastated out of pandemic, but the miseries of its capital Delhi are unbelievably pathetic.  This heartrending superseding and terrific pandemic of today will become a part of history tomorrow, what will snatch away the sleep of the future readers and that history will not pardon Narendra Modi or Arvind Kejriwal.

‘Anandabazar Partika’ (on April 30) informed, the international media again took on Prime Minister Narendra Mod for accelerating the terrible corona situation in India.  It said, France newspaper ‘Le Mand’ on April 28, editorially blamed Modi for the grievous problem that occurred due to his “arrogance, imprudence, and lust for popularity.”

In early February when Covid in India was fairly under control, Modi under so-called vaccine diplomacy sent corona vaccines to various countries to project “it (India) as world’s drug store,” the French newspaper said. “The attitude was that India could export millions of vaccines abroad having adequate vaccines for itself. Within three months that pride turned to a nightmare.”

According to the same media outlet, neither corona virus nor variant can be held responsible for current disarray and collapse of India’s health system. It opined, the responsibility cannot be ascribed on viruses or variants alone. Narendra Modi’s lack of prudence, keen desire to brighten his image and arrogance pushed India into such an awkward situation that compelled arrogant Modi to welcome aid even from the poorest countries.

The crisis went worse by a slow response from the central government. Though some state ministers and local authorities began to act since February, there appears to have been a vacuum of leadership within the central government, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi absorbed in the election campaign until recent weeks.

Consequently “… the real impact could be much worse than official figures suggest, experts say, citing a serious underreporting issue.”

“Only about 34% of deaths are happening in hospitals and facilities, said Dr. Hemant D. Shewade, a doctor specializing in community medicine — meaning many fatalities that occur at home or elsewhere may be missed in the official count,” CNN quoted.

Being failed to tackle the situation Modi, and his cooky flatterers, including Amit Shah found them deaf and felt helpless. Apprehending public outrage, the Modi government only lamented for those who died in the hospitals, but those who were outside hospitals or at homes were excluded.

“India, home to the world’s worst ongoing coronavirus outbreak, has reported more than 17.6 million cases since the pandemic began last year,” CNN on April 28 reported. “But the real number, experts fear, could be up to 30 times higher — meaning more than half a billion cases.”

A day may come when Modi&associates face trial for causing death to millions of documented and undocumented Indians launching election campaigns amid pandemic and aggravating it. To occupy West Bengal Modi and his followers, as if, jumped on it. Modi held 18 massive public rallies while   Amit Shah, JP Nadda and Yogi Adityanath also addressed hundreds of meetings or road shows targeting the same vision. There is no statistics how hundreds, even thousands of meetings, rallies or processions were organized by the local leaders and activists of different political parties from rural to urban areas, which rapidly spread the coronavirus just like fire. So, the uncontrolled pandemic and cruel death of the Indians are indirectly manmade. So, the concerned perpetrators, particularly Modi, deserve to be persecuted for their irresponsible race for power that devastated superpower India.

India’s higher courts already inaugurated such routes. The Uttar Pradesh High Court, says CNN, asked the state authorities to take “immediate remedial measures,” pointing to specific instances of patients dying due to oxygen shortages.”

“Death of Covid patients just for non-supplying of oxygen to the hospitals is a criminal act and not less than a genocide by those who have been entrusted the task to ensure continuous procurement and supply chain of the liquid medical oxygen,” the court said on May 4, 2021.

Modi cannot avoid his accountability of committing “criminal act” what is not “less than a genocide.”  To prevent the covid-19, Modi instead of providing modern medication, and concerned equipment, suggested his countrymen to lit wax candles, to beat dishes & plates, and eat cow dung or drink cow urine or take showers in cow-dung reservoirs. Many Indians silently followed his strange prescription in the 21st century.

Very recently he allowed and encouraged to hold ‘Kumbh Mela’ amid Covid pandemic in which hundreds of thousands of Hindus participated that spread the virus to the remote villages where there was little facility to treat such a fatal disease.

Most of the Indian media outlets spoke against Kumbh Mela. NDTV branded it as the ‘Spreader’ of Covid-19 while ‘Times Now’ (May 2, 2021) and ‘National Herald’ (May 4, 2021) categorically mentioned: in Madhya Pradesh “99 percent Kumbh Mela returnees from Haridwar has been test positive for the coronavirus. Out of 61 returnees, at least 60 pilgrims have tested and found infected. (70 Lakh Participated In Kumbh Mela Held Amid COVID-19 Surge (ndtv.com)

The folly of Modi was that when corona vaccines came in the market, Modi instead of preserving them for his country, donated and sold them to other countries to show that India emerged as a superpower, as it is self-reliant in all respects. Such overambitious suicidal leadership sinks India and drowns Modi as well. Modi’s role, as if, coincides with an ancient myth: Nero was playing a flute when Rome was burning.*

  • Mohammad Zainal Abedin is a Bangladesh-origin American journalist & researcher.

May 6, 2021

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