Designer of Holy Kaaba door no more !

After having some complications in Germany, Engineer Munir Sarri Al-Jundi, who designed the doors of the Holy Kaaba, has died, reports Gulf Today. Engineer Al-Jundi passed away in southern Germany on Saturday.

Al-Jundi was chosen to design the doors of the Kaaba during the reign of King Khalid. It is believed that King Khalid assigned the Badr family in Makkah to build the new doors. The doors were completed within a year and a half.

King Khalid had ordered the doors to be made for the Kaaba from pure gold for the Hajj season.

An official said, “It was designed by engineer Munir Al-Jundi. Its height is more than three metres, its width is approximately two metres, its depth is half a metre, and it consists of two bookends and a wooden base 10 cm thick of teak wood.”

The official also said 280 kilogrammes of pure gold were used, and it was agreed with the architect Al-Jundi to develop the designs and follow up on the implementation with an amount of 300,000 Saudi riyals. A special workshop was set up to manufacture the doors in Makkah.

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