Best stick PC: Intel Compute Stick

For business purposes in office , computers still have an important role to play in any modern sector of business and communication. Now a days Laptops and smartphones are essential business tools, and are becoming more powerful and feature-rich every year with new updates and features. Meanwhile, they are good for people who travel a lot for work, they cannot compete with the best business computers for certain tasks.

Meanwhile, desktop PCs are much more powerful than the best business laptops, and they are cheaper as well. Also, unless you’re buying an all-in-one computer, these business computers are also relatively easy to open up and upgrade, making them far more future-proof than laptops or smartphones, which can sometimes start to feel rather outdated after only a few years.

Intel Compute Stick

✓The tiny computer that can

✓CPU: Intel Atom – Intel Core m5Graphics: : Intel HD Graphics – Intel HD Graphics 515RAM: 1GB – 4GBStorage: 8GB-64GB eMMC

+Wide CPU choices

+Extremely portable design

-Limited fan cooling

-Limited RAM and storage


Some people have issues with desktop PCs, as they’re often rather bulky. The Intel Core Compute Stick has made that irrelevant. Looking more like a thumb drive than an actual computer, this tiny renegade can connect to any monitor with an HDMI input. Its base starts with a lowly 1.33GHz Intel Atom processor running Linux, but can be configured up to an Intel Core m5 processor. This is one of the best PCs, but one that you can literally slip in your pocket, whether you need to get some work done during your daily commute or squeeze in some PC time while you’re traveling.



Intel Compute Stick Review

Intel's Compute Stick is a full Windows PC in a HDMI dongle. So how useful is a computer you can swing around on a lanyard? You tell me, I don't have any ...

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