Best smart watches 2020 : Apple Watch SE

Now a days smartwatches are one of the most priority in everyday life as it show notifications on your wrist for fitness tracker, a wallet and in some cases, even an LTE-equipped phone. Even smartwatch can also save your life with elevated heart rate alerts and automatically connect you to emergency services if you fall to any unwanted situation. Besides , some of the smart watches can measure Electrocardiogram (ECG) and blood oxygen (SpO2) readings are perks of certain premium models, too.

✓Apple Watch SE

✓The new mid-range Apple Watch

✓Sizes: 40mm, 44mm | Battery Life (Rated): 18 hours | GPS: Yes | Swim-Proof: Yes | Heart Rate Monitor: Yes | LTE: Optional | Mobile Payments: Apple Pay | Compatibility: iOS

✓Classic design

✓Huge app library

✓Large screen

✓No always-on display


The Apple Watch SE is a hybrid of the Apple Watch Series 5 (which has since been discontinued) and the Apple Watch Series 3. The $279 smartwatch doesn’t have all the Series 6’s features, but still stands out for its speedy chip and safety features. It also offers an LTE option, making it a good choice for those interested in trying out Family Setup.

When choosing between the Apple Watch 6 and the Apple Watch SE, your ultimate decision will be if you want to spend an extra $120 for a brighter display with an always-on option, an ECG monitor, and an SpO2. If those tools aren’t deal-breakers for you, the SE is a highly capable option for iPhone users.

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