Best reliable mouse : Microsoft Arc Mouse

For gaming purpose sometimes you find a thousands of mice to choose from better to best. Therefore choosing a single size and style is a lot more complicated than scouring Amazon’s lists or Reddit to find an answer, particularly if you’re thinking about the budget. Therefore, If you’ve never shopped for a gaming mouse before, then it’s wise you should head to a store, if that’s an option, to try some out before buying.

Before buying your desired gaming mouse, the key factors are paramount to the best possible gaming experience — such as ergonomic design, weight, wired or wireless, the mouse’s sensor, number and positions of buttons, how programmable or open to customization it is, wired or wireless connection and, of course, lighting.

Microsoft Arc Mouse


If we had a “most unusual mouse design” category, the Arc Mouse would win that as well. It lays flat until you bend it into an arc that conforms to the shape of your mouse-ing hand. It uses a single click pad for left and right buttons and scrolling, and the default settings can be changed in Windows device settings.

At just 5.17 x 2.17 x 0.56 inches, the Arc Mouse is easily the most portable mouse we tested. We also like that there is no USB receiver to worry about misplacing—the Arc Mouse connects via Bluetooth 4.0. Folks with extra-large hands might find it a little small, but for most it will be a welcome addition to their gear bag.

✓Travel-friendly size

✓Comfortable design

✓Good productivity performance

✓Limited customization options

✓Needs two AAA batteries

✓Might be small for bigger hands


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