Best office chair 2021 : Herman Miller Aeron

We often work from home and sitting in one of the best office chairs is going to make working from home a lot more enjoyable and productive. A quality office chair makes stress a bit losse and it’s also cares about health.

An office chair that can be adjusted to fit your body specifically is the principal concern. That way, you can sit at one of the best desks for hours on end and not worry about strain or injury.

When it comes to the best office chairs, you can’t do better than the classic Herman Miller Aeron. Although this chair has been around for many years, the company has not been resting on its laurels; it has constantly revised the design of the Aeron to keep up with developments, and this chair is a marvel of material engineering. You’ll pay for this design, though: Priced at $1,395, it’s a big investment. You get what you pay for with this chair, though: It is the most configurable and adaptable chair we looked at, and you can add features such as a headrest and a footrest that share the same design.

Herman Miller Aeron

✓The best office chair overall, but expensive

✓Colors: carbon, graphite, mineral | Material: 8Z pellicle elastomeric and aluminium | Seat width: 18.5 inches (large), 16.5 inches (medium), 16 inches (small) | Weight Limit: 350 pounds

✓Very adjustable

✓Elastomeric fabric allows for ventilation

✓Optional headrests and footrests


The Herman Miller Aeron chair may be the symbol of dot-com excess, but there’s a good reason for that: It is damn comfortable. This top-tier chair allows you to adjust everything, including more esoteric things, like the tension of eight zones of the fabric (including the important lumbar support) and the tilt and angle of the armrests. It also supports working in two profiles: one for when you are leaning forward and another for when you are leaning back and reclining.

It’s perhaps no surprise that all of this comes at a price. At $1,395, you could buy one of these chairs or 11 of our cheapest picks, the AmazonBasics Classic office chair. You only have one butt, though, and if you are going to be working from home for a long time, it would be worth giving your behind a nice place to rest.

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