Best iPhone tripod: Ravelli APTL3 53-inch tripod

Now a days, for holding your smartphone while snapping pictures or video, iPhone tripods have found a new purpose. Although, they’ve always been great they’re now a must-have accessory when using your phone as a webcam. Meanwhile, a good iPhone tripod will let you prop your smartphone up at the ideal height and angle for those hours-long videoconference calls with the nearest and dearest ones.

While using your phone as a webcam

Of course, an iPhone tripod is also a key piece of equipment when shooting photos or video, especially in low-light situations. Many iPhone tripods have flexible legs, which let you attach your phone to a branch, pole, or some other object so you can get the perfect shot.

Ravelli APTL3 53-inch tripod

✓This standard tripod offers great stability

✓Weight: 2 pounds | Max height: 53 inches | Other features: Pan/tilt head, quick-release head

✓Much taller than other minitripods

✓Pan and tilt arm for smooth panning

✓Heavier, larger than handheld tripods

✓More cumbersome to carry around

The standard extending-leg tripod is a go-to gadget for photographers for a reason: It is damn useful. So, don’t rule out a small, compact standard tripod as an accessory for your iPhone. This Ravelli model is fairly cheap, folds down into a compact package and includes the mount that holds your iPhone in place.

Unlike most other tripods in this article, the Ravelli Mini also includes a pan arm, which lets you smoothly pan and tilt the phone on the rotating ball head. That’s a feature you will see on bigger, more professional tripods for a reason: It looks much better when you can pan around on a tripod and get smooth, steady video rather than turn your whole body and get jerky, bouncy video while holding the phone in your hand.

This tripod can also hold your phone much higher than its miniature cousins can, up to 53 inches off the ground. Again, that makes for more natural-looking videos. Of course, the price you pay for this flexibility is the size. This tripod folds down to be 18 inches long. It does come with a handy carrying case, though, and weighs less than 2 pounds. So, it might be a good pick for a trip on which taking better quality videos is a priority.


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