Bangladeshi Model Killed in Australia, Husband Arrested

PBC news: 23-year-old Bangladeshi model has been killed in Australia after her husband tortured her. Police have arrested her husband Adam in connection with the death of a model named Sabah Hafeez on Wednesday.

Police said paramedics rescued Sabah Hafeez with serious injuries when neighbors called the emergency services number on the day of the incident. However, despite many attempts, he could not be saved. He died on the spot. Police believe Sabah Hafeez was injured. But they are still unsure whether any weapons have been used.

Australian police said yesterday: “It simply came to our notice then. We have taken the matter seriously. We have appointed vigilant police officers to investigate the murder. Adam Cureton, Sabah Hafiz’s husband, lived in the same building.

Sabah’s mother Sonam Hafeez said Sabah was involved in acting profession here. However, she was separated from her family for a long time. She was married to Adam .

In the last four years, five Bangladeshi women have lost their lives at the hands of their husbands in Australia.

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