Bangladesh to take legal action against Al Jazeera

Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen on Wednesday hinted legal steps against Al Jazeera for spreading misinformation through broadcasting its recent “false and fabricated” report against Bangladesh.

“We’ll try to take legal steps. We’ll look into that. We can take legal action where misinformation is provided. Let’s see,” he told reporters at his office at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Citing an example, the Foreign Minister said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had never appointed anybody as her bodyguard when she was an opposition leader but now there is a Special Security Force (SSF).

He said showing photos of two individuals the Al Jazeera report claimed them to be bodyguards of Sheikh Hasina. “This is not true. It’s a complete lie. She never used bodyguards.”

Dr Momen said if someone is seen behind Sheikh Hasina nobody can say he is her bodyguard. “Even during the August grenade attacks on her, leaders and party men protected her, not any bodyguard.”

“It has lost its credibility for airing false news. It’s very sad indeed,” Dr Momen said adding that they heard that Al Jazeera does it by taking money.

He said it is very regrettable that Al Jazeera did such a report and they should apologise for this.

The Foreign Minister said many cannot accept the rapid development of Bangladesh, even during Covid-19, Bangladesh performed very well in the field of economy.

“They don’t like Bangladesh’s achievements. This is jealousy,” he said there are examples that this channel aired motivated news targeting Muslim countries.

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