Aesthetic Refrigerator for 2021 : Kenmore Elite 79023

The best refrigerator keeps foods cold and ice cream frozen and fulfill our daily necessities in terms of freezing food items. Besides this, In a modern refrigerator you’ll find dedicated sections for produce, meats and beverages, making sure lettuce stays crisp and perky, holding meats and poultry at lower temps. Moreover, it will have lots of extras to make it easy to organize items and dispense ice and cold water. If you want a great refrigerator, start by considering whether you eat more fresh or frozen foods and what types of foods in particular.

Based on our research and experience, the GE Profile PFE28KYNFS French door refrigerator is the best overall. It offers a good combination of excellent temperature management, style, and features that are truly useful. If you want the look and convenience of a French door refrigerator but don’t have a big budget, we recommend the Whirlpool WRF535SMHZ which will also do a good job of protecting your foods but doesn’t offer the convenience of an ice and water dispenser in the door.

You may prefer a unit with a fresh food compartment above the freezer with single wide doors on each. We think the Kenmore Elite 79023 is best in class in this category.

Kenmore Elite 79023

✓Best bottom-freezer refrigerator

✓Size (with hinges, handles and doors): 68.5 x 29.7 x 34.9 | Refrigerator Capacity: 14.8 cu ft. | Freezer Capacity: 7.3 cu ft. | Icemaker/Water dispenser: Yes/No | Energy Consumption: 589 kWh/year | Features: ✓Pantry drawer, EnergyStar certified

✓Excellent temperature management

✓Useful pantry drawer

✓EnergyStar certified

✓ No ice and water dispenser

Bottom-freezer Kenmore Elite 79023 refrigerators make it easier to access items in the main compartment: no more bending over to reach the apples in the crispers. However, like most models of this type, there’s no ice and water dispenser though there is an ice-maker in the freezer.

If you want the best refrigerator with a bottom-freezer design, this is it. The Kenmore excels at keeping uniform temperatures so you don’t have to worry that something will be warmer on the top shelf or get icy on a bottom one. It’s also extremely energy efficient. You’ll find a large pantry drawer for stashing deli items or large catering trays when you’re having company. However, it’s not temperature controlled so can’t be set to a low temp to keep meat fresh longer. There are also two crispers that do a good job of keeping greens crisp.

The stainless-steel model tends to pick up fingerprints.


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